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The platforms is packed with features, some of them are highlighted below. Trailing Stop Loss — When price moves in your favor, it is a good move to use a stop loss order that follows the market and ensures maximum gains.

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Searching for Targets — You set the desired positions into the bot and it executes them as the market moves into that area. Reserved Funds — With this option, you cryptohopper vs kriptokereskedő always set aside certain amount of tokens to make sure there is always something saved-up in your account Scalp Trading — Scalping is a way to make money in a sideways market with small market movements.

Positive Pair Trading — Cryptohopper monitors hundreds of crypto pairs across multiple exchanges to spot a trending pair it can enter and make use of the trend via this option.

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Triggers — This one is self-explanatory — the bot stands still until market moves trigger a signal you previously set. In that moment, Hopper places a buy or sell order, according to your instructions.

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Dollar Cost Averaging — Method to buy an asset over a longer period of time at different price points changing the overall average investment you made in a certain asset. Cryptohopper has built a dollar-cost averaging tool into its trading platform. Signalers — Cryptohopper allows you to take a peek at what other users are doing who act as signalers, making Cryptohopper a social trading network.

How Cryptohopper Works Cryptohopper will allow its clients to use a range of semi-automated trading tools on supported exchanges. The platform also features trading signals that can help you decide if you want to enter or exit a position. In addition to automated trading, Cryptohopper also has social trading functionality that will let traders work together to profit. Cryptohopper Tools Cryptohopper will allow you to set up buying and selling parameters on any of the crypto exchanges that support its platform.

You can see their automatizált bináris opciós kereskedés performance and copy their moves and portfolio. Once the bot is active, it will work on your behalf to make profits.

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You can tweak the bot you use by picking a long, short or composite strategy for the coin pairs you want to trade, and the bot will basically do the rest. The composite bot tool — this 3Commas bot allows you to cryptohopper vs kriptokereskedő long and short positions over a variety of token pairs, to take advantage of more complex trading strategies.

Customer support Both platforms excel in this regard — they have a chat and email-based support systems supplemented by diverse social media channels where you can get in touch with team members from Cryptohopper or 3Commas and have them help you out in solving your problem.

One of the most noticeable differences is how strategies are made. On Tuned there is a factor of freedom given to the creator, letting them make a custom indicator however they see fit. On Cryptohopper you are limited to the pick and mix that they offer. This approach aims to offer automated trading and high-level strategy creation on a simplified level.

In addition to this, there cryptohopper vs kriptokereskedő extensive resource pages on both websites where you can get up to speed with the trading platforms or find solution to the most common issues other users experienced before you. Beginner-friendliness Another criterion where these two fare similarly good.

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As both platforms evolve into complex and powerful ecosystems, their dashboards and user-interface are still very intuitive and self-explanatory. There are exhaustive tutorials on how to use each of the bots, created by themselves or third-parties like various YouTubers and bloggers.

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Safe to use? Bitcoin bots connect to your exchanges via the application programming interface or API. There have not been any reported cases of data breaches at Cryptohopper or 3Commas and both platforms employ standard industry practices to safeguard your data.

Final verdict — who wins? Both of these cryptocurrency trading bots are competing at a high level with slight to no differences between them.

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To answer which one is better would require a deeper analysis of each individual case and trader profile. In general, our subjective perception is that Cryptohopper enjoys better reputation among the traders and has a larger customer base.

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Cryptohopper does offer additional benefits like longer free trials, cheaper and featured-richer starter package, larger marketplace, more established brand and arbitrage bots. On the other side, 3Commas has a broader exchange support with 23 exchanges in comparison to 12 exchanges that are supported on Cryptohopper.

But bear in mind that 3Commas allows automated trading only on 9 of those 23 exchanges, meaning that this criterion lands another W for Cryptohopper.

If Cryptohopper or 3Commas are not to your liking, check out our other guides on their competitors:.

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